So We Bought a Trailer!


We Did It!

It sounds a little like ‘We Bought a Zoo.’ It feels a little like that too. As if by making this large purchase we’ve really become pot committed — like we have to figure out how to run a zoo. But it is so exciting!! The whole tow home I was just beaming! I can’t wait to start this huge journey.

Isn't it great?!

Isn’t it great?!

We found it on Craigslist thanks to Matt. I was starting to get pretty frustrated because nothing was coming up. But we waited and waited, and then BAM! When it was posted, we jumped right on it! We drove about 2 1/2 hrs to pick it up, but it was worth it.

It’s 16 feet long and rated for 12,000 lbs! It seemed to be in great condition with just a little surface rust. The tires will probably need to be replace in a year or two, but what are ya gonna do?

An Arial Shot

An Arial Shot

Oh, and the best part? We got it for $2,500! Yay! Now we can get this party started!


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